I have observed myself.  I am a great believer of planning. You ask me to anything immediately and I get pissed off. Moment some task comes first thing that come to my mind is, how much time do I have?

Convinced , I am planning to bring plan in my life and that is why time management is so important to me.

How am I doing? Not even near the mark. But more I think of it more I am aware of it and more I am thinking ways and means to achieve it.

I have tried workflowy ( try www.workflowy.com). Fantastic one. But I left it now.

What was I doing while at office? I divided my time into many mini time zone ( e,g – 9am-10am,10am-11am etc). looked at my calendar and filled the void area with the work I intended to do.

It did not work for me. Most of the time , I have underestimated time. Also while working I could not avoid small distractions ( friend calling for tea, office gossip, quick e-mail reply)

Last two days this is what I have done and till now I am successful. I have picked up only three major work which in my mind should not take more than three hours .

In office I curved out “work zone”. This is nothing. I only mentally told me that “ Look, this is your work time. You will not allow any distraction ( Other than boss calling of course J ) to distract you. You are scheduled to complete this one task and until this finishes no other work. No not even loo break “.

So in eight hours of my time I needed to curve out only three work zone. My individual task took more than an hour but that is ok. I could finish THREE task I want to complete.

In weekend like today I wrote down 7 things I want to complete today. 24 hours and 7 things to complete. I am good at this moment.

Wish me luck. Share me your idea of planning as well. How do you plan for your month, year, and how are they doing?