Multitasking , and I failed

Today morning I was brushing my teeth!!! While doing that my wife told me to bring milk from outside because she has to prepare it for my daughter. I did that midway while I was brushingJ..I did two more jobs then after. After that finally I am done with my primary task.

As a result of that I took much more time then the usual and end up doing a not so good job at any one of them. I have observed the same in my office. I switch between tasks, I take more than normal time of completing any task and also sigma of time taken to complete all jobs are most probably more then if I hv taken them up individually.

Reason why it is so? I have to take my mind off from one task, to another job and again to third one. In the process most probably I am dropping some of the associated task related to task 1 or 3.

Subsequently I went to have my breakfast. Ordered for tea.  Tea maker did not give me one immediately. He opened the tap for coffee in a mug. While espresso’s are getting poured in he quickly started arranging all his small cup, put sugar in them and just in time took out that mug just in time when it is about to get filled up.

He poured espresso in each cup and subsequent to that added milk and his coffee is ready.

Was he doing multiplexing? No I suppose.  He was aware of his timing. He knew exactly how much time it will take for coffee to be filled in his mug and his speed of setting up coffee cup with sugar. That’s it. While I was trying to switch between multiple unrelated tasks.

So, multitasking is a no no for me. Am I successful at it. Nooooo. But I am trying.